Yanmar designed the SA424DHX tractor with high ground clearance and incredible stability for challenging terrain. Then we added a four-post roll over protective structure (ROPS). That makes it possible for you to order an optional soft-side cab or a hard-side cab with a heater. With protection from the cold or rain, you’ll be more comfortable and productive.

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Unrivaled versatility

YANMAR outfits the SA424 DHX with a larger, more aggressive tire package, which increases ground clearance and provides more stability over the roughest parts of your property. The design also means you’ll operate with complete comfort and confidence. Here’s a quick look at SA424 DHX features to help you get the most work done:

  • Hydrostatic transmission with dual pedals for simplified operation
  • Optional hard-side or soft-side cabs can be field installed
  • Lift 1,200 pounds
  • 24 horsepower

Built Together To Work Together

The SA424DHX can do serious work with a front-end loader, a hydraulic backhoe, and three-point hitch attachments for mowing, tilling, planting, digging, plowing, and much more.

Yanmar designs and builds the major components, engine, front axle, transmission, and final drive, to work together. We also smoothly integrate these features and optional attachments so you can get more work done quickly:

  • YANMAR-designed front-end loader, with a class-leading lift capacity of 1,200 pounds and a quick-attach system for buckets, forks, and other attachments
  • 60-inch, mid-mount, drive-over mower
  • Dual hydraulic pumps
  • Smooth hydraulic power steering
  • One-touch on/off, electro-hydraulic, independent rear power takeoff (PTO)
Battery540 CCA
Bore and Stroke in. (mm)3.15x3.30 in. (80x84 mm)
Cooling systemWater cooled
Gross Power23.9 HP (17.8 kW)*
Maximum Torque ft.lbs. (Nm)45.7 ft.lbs (62.0 Nm)
Number of cylinders3
PTO Power at Zero Speed21.7 HP (16.2 kW)
Rated RPM3,200 RPM
Total displacement77.2 cu. In. (1.266 L)
Type24 Engine Horsepower* Diesel Tractor
Engine Coolant3.0 qt. (2.8 L)
Engine Oil3.6 qt. (3.4 L)
Front Axle Oil0.92 gal. (3.5 L)
Fuel tank6.1 gal. (23.0 L)
Transmission Oil4.1 gal. (15.5 L)
2WD/4WD engagementSelectable
BrakesWet disc
Transmission typeHydrostatic, 2 Range Speeds
3-point hitchLimited Category 1
3-point lift capacity at 24” (61 cm) 1,209 lbf. (548 kgf)
4-way loader control valveStandard
Hydraulic Control SystemPosition Control, Open Center
Power steeringFully Hydraulic
Pump capacity (implement) @ Rated3.7 GPM (14.1 L/min)
Pump capacity (steering) @ Rated RPM4.3 GPM (16.1 L/min)
System Pressure psi (MPa)2,429 psi (16.7 MPa)
Ground Clearance (with R4 Tires)9.8” (249 mm)
Minimum Turning Radius ft. (m)8.5 ft. (2.6 m)
Overall Height (with Folded ROPS, R4 Tires)71.8" (1,824 mm)
Overall height (with R4 Tires)87.2” (2,215 mm)
Overall Height (with R4 Tires, Top Of Steering Wheel)56.7" (1,440 mm)
Overall length (with 3PH and R4 Tires)105.8” (2,688 mm)
Weight (with ROPS, R4 Tires, Full Fluid)2,041 lbs. (926 kg)
Wheelbase63.0” (1,600 mm)
Width (with R4 Tires)54.1” (1,373 mm)
Industrial (R4) - Front23 x 8.50-12 4PR
Industrial (R4) - Rear14-17.5 6PR
Turf (R3) - Front24 x 8.50-14 4PR
Turf (R3) - Rear36 x 14.00-15 4PR
Forward (with R1 Tires)mph (kmh) Low: 0-6.3 (0-10.0), High: 0-13.1 (0-21.0)
Reverse (with R1 Tires)mph (kmh) Low: 0-4.3 (0-7.0), High: 0-9.1 (0-14.7)
Mid ShaftSAE16/32, 15 Splines
Mid Speed/Engine RPM2,057/3,200
Mid TypeIndependent
Power Take Off (PTO) Power HP (kW)18.1 HP (13.5 kW)
Rear Shaft Size35 mm OD, 6 Splines
Rear Speed/Engine RPM554/3,200
Rear TypeIndependent
TypeHydraulic Clutch
Attachments1-year limited warranty
Power train (Engine and transmission core components)10 years or 3,000 hours
Tractor (Private Individual Usage)24 months or 2,000 hours