You work long, hard days and you expect the same from your equipment. With the Lx Series, Yanmar’s top-of-the-line compact tractors, you’ll never compromise performance, comfort or durability.

The Lx410, 450 and 490 offers a legendary 41, 45 or 49-hp engine and the 12-speed HydraReverser gives you smooth shifting and effortless change of direction.


41 Hp Diesel Tractor
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45 Hp Diesel Tractor
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49 Hp Diesel Tractor
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How to pick the right tractor for your land

There's a lot of work needed to make your rural lifestyle a reality. A new, helpful book called "Your Buyer's Guide" will assist you in successfully managing your property. Find the right tractor and attachments to perform these jobs:

  • Mow lawns and pastures
  • Plow and dig
  • Harvest fruit, hay and vegetables
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Find the tractor to shape your new life

Go to your nearest Yanmar dealer to explore LX tractors and attachments.

  • Receive expert advice and guidance
  • Find the right equipment for you
  • Get hands-on with the controls